Quality Overseas Manufacturing for the Agriculture Industry


Quality Overseas Manufacturing for the Agriculture Industry


Quality Overseas Manufacturing for the Agriculture Industry


We manufacture large quantities of goods for suppliers and producers in the agriculture industry. Whether it’s gating, penning, feeders, hardware, curtains, or inputs of any kind, we manufacture and import product at a lower price without sacrificing quality. Let us help lower your inputs and increase your profits.

Asia manufacturing. Custom. Delivered. Guaranteed.

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Make Import Supply your contract manufacture in Asia.

major industrial zones

Bring the benefits home to America. Import Supply has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about overseas manufacturing, and about helping its clients get custom-manufactured, labor-intensive products made in Asia at competitive production costs. Import Supply’s in-depth Asia sourcing experience delivers worry-free overseas production, with proven, reliable sourcing from all 14 major industrial zones in China, as well as from Taiwan, South Korea, and other countries.

Import Supply sources and delivers custom-manufactured components and finished goods of all sizes, shapes and materials.


Manufacturing geared towards agriculture

We specialize but are not limited to a variety of agricultural products such as: gestation stalls, penning, farrowing crates, feeders, gate post, hardware, plastics, bird-netting, curtains, etc.

Galvanized Gates
Stainless Steel Feeders
Galvanized G-Stalls


01 MANUFACTURE : Once you approve samples, production begins. Import Supply conducts in-process and final product inspections to ensure that each product/component meets your exact specifications.
02 Import : Import Supply determines the most efficient shipping options, depending on volume. Products are guided through the customs maze, all the way to your warehouse or job site if requested. Most shipments are received within 90 days after final approval of the production sample.
03 Save : Import Supply sources and delivers custom-manufactured components and finished goods of all sizes, shapes, and materials.


Financially secure international standing and sound reputation in Contract Manufacturing


Strong Business Relationships in Asia


Midwest company with an international scope


Dedicated staff in overseas manufacturing cities covering all major industrial regions


Overseas Manufacturing sources that are pre-qualified and have a proven track record


Verification of quality standards followed with inspections during


US and Overseas Quality Control team


Complete shipping arrangements with payment due after receipt


Outstanding customer service


Answers Questions about Reliable China Manufacturing

Q : Is China manufacturing right for my company?Is China manufacturing right for my company?

A :If your company stands to lose market share because of the high costs associated with purchasing, machining, or assembly (for example), then Asian manufacturing should be looked at closely. When your products are trending higher in costs and margins are shrinking. When you want to produce your component in different materials without incurring large costs. For all these circumstances and more, there are cost-effective options provided by fabrication in Asia.

Q : Do you charge for sourcing?Do you charge for sourcing?

A :No. We already have a reputable network of manufacturers established with many capabilities. There is no charge for finding manufacturers, and our quote for products doesn’t include hidden fees.

Q : Is there one key to reliable China ...Is there one key to reliable China manufacturing?

A :Check for proven experience. Some companies have it, some don’t.  Import Supply has the trustworthy relationships, the procedural smarts, and the knowledgeable staff to deliver the reliability you need. With 3 years of quality international manufacturer relationships, Import Supply has the experience and the satisfied customers to prove reliability.

Q : What do I need to get started?What do I need to get started?

A :We use the items and information described below to source suitable manufacturers for your product:

  • Samples
  • Engineering drawings (or cutting patterns), material specifications, and a bill of materials
  • Estimated annual and shipment quantities
  • Target pricing
  • Delivery location
  • Any special standards, certifications, regulations, or testing requirements that apply to the product
  • Packaging requirements
Once we collect this information from you, we can begin the sourcing process in China.


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